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Make no little plans. They have no magic. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work… Remember that our children and grandchildren are going to do things that would stagger us.

From the PresidenT

UM has never been about one person’s effort. The current and future impacts of this great institution come from our diverse and shared capacity.

UM belongs to all of us.

UM belongs to the people who lived on this land before Main Hall existed; to Eloise Knowles, its first female graduate; to the new freshman who arrive each fall; and to our Missoula community.

UM belongs to you, our proud alumni and friends.

Now is the time for big thoughts and bold actions from our collective community. The University of Montana is at an important juncture, as we build upon our tremendous strengths and pursue new and promising directions.

Now is the time for big ambitions and bold plans. We are a campus capable and ready to serve our students in innovative ways, and we are fully committed to providing these students with pathways to successful careers and lives.

Now is the time for big partnerships and bold ideas. Time and again, our alumni and friends have stepped up to help the University and its students, faculty and staff. Your support has changed thousands of lives and has helped to transform and sustain entire communities.

Now is the time to think big and be bold.

Campaign Montana. Think Big. Be Bold. is the most ambitious fundraising campaign in the University of Montana’s history. Over seven years, we aim to raise $400 million for comprehensive priorities, including students, faculty, staff, programs and facilities.

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, we have already raised $325 million in the five years of the campaign’s quiet phase. I am inspired by your passion and commitment to serve students and this state—you give me confidence that UM is on the rise.

With you by our side, Campaign Montana will create a UM that puts student success at the center of all we do, and drives excellence and innovation in our teaching, research and learning.

Through Campaign Montana, we will:

  • Help our students lead the way. The more opportunities we can provide our students to enrich their learning, the brighter their horizons become. We will prepare them for success through enhanced advising and unique experiential learning opportunities like internships, research experience and study abroad.
  • Innovate for Montana and the world. The University of Montana will become a national leader with increased investment in our most innovative programs. The research we conduct and the work we do here will serve Montana, the region and the world, as we shape knowledge and policies far beyond our borders.
  • Enhance opportunity and access. At UM, a little generosity goes a long way. A modest investment in a student can lead to great returns. We will increase the number of scholarships and fellowships available to students, and grow options for flexible and distance learning to meet students where they are.

Every college and school on campus will work together toward these shared goals. To achieve them, we rely on the leadership of committed friends such as you who share our vision for UM’s future.

I want you to know that every UM graduate has benefited from philanthropy in one way or another. We must ensure that our future students have access to the benefits your generosity has guaranteed for so many others.

Never has your support meant more than it does now. Thank you for joining us at this transformational moment.

President Seth Bodnar

From the Chairs

Great people make great universities. The University of Montana has risen to prominence in many fields because of a legacy of academic excellence, consistent innovation and proud philanthropic support. History has shown that this is a place where donors can make an incredible difference.

Campaign Montana is exactly what the spirit of Griz pride, grit and generosity is all about. Imagine how students and faculty will feel when alums, friends and community members come together and blow past $400 million. Imagine when we can tell them that more donors than ever before have invested in them and their success in life. Big or small, every dollar matters here.

We invite you to find something you’re passionate about at UM and see what kind of difference you can make.

Join us in making UM the best place it can be.

Campaign Chairs Mark and Cheryl Burnham