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Kayla Irish

Name: Kayla Irish

Hometown: Lewistown, Montana

Major: History; minor in Chinese

Scholarship: Wylder Presidential Scholarship

Why did you choose UM?
I was accepted into a few different schools, but for me, it came down to my scholarship offers and the Davidson Honors College. I remember thinking “I can actually go to college without worrying about anything except for school.” I don’t have to worry about spending all my time at a job and I can instead focus on my studies. I really appreciate the support. 

Why did you decide to major in history and minor in Chinese?
I actually came to college with a political science major and then I realized my favorite class was the history of politics. The history department has some of the best professors, so I ended up switching my major. I had such an amazing time in my Politics of China class that I tacked on a Chinese minor. Learning the Chinese language has been really fun as well. 

Why is being a scholarship recipient meaningful to you?
Besides being worry free, receiving a scholarship feels like such an honor. I worked really hard in high school, but I wasn’t sure I would get any scholarships at all. It’s just really meaningful to be recognized for the work that I’ve done. 

What would you say to your scholarship donors?
I’m so grateful to the Wylder family. I would say to them, “you’re making a huge difference; this is a good way to make someone’s life a lot better.” 

How has your UM education changed you so far?
Throughout college, my confidence has improved so much. I can now eloquently write and share my opinions and express my ideas. College has been so meaningful to me and I know it will help me for the rest of my life.