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Thanks to exemplary faculty, great facilities and remarkable students, we have one of the strongest biomedical research programs in a non-medical school environment in the United States. Over the next ten years, we are going to advance the frontiers of knowledge in fields like neuroscience, environmental health and biomedical research.
Dean Reed Humphrey

Make no small plans. Donate

Professorships and Faculty Fellowships

The nation’s leading institutions rely on prestigious, endowed faculty positions, along with research funding, to attract and retain renowned professors and researchers. With support from donors like you, we aim to expand our opportunity to provide such support. High-caliber faculty move our programs forward, attract exceptional graduate students and progress research for the benefit of humankind.

Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships

Graduate and post-graduate researchers have a direct impact on our investigations into diseases that dramatically impact society today, including degenerative brain disease, asbestosis, asthma, cardiopulmonary disease, cancer and traumatic brain injury. To recruit exceptional students, we must provide competitive fellowships. During Campaign Montana, we aim to endow at least two new postdoctoral research fellowships and graduate student research assistantships. We will also create more part-time and summer research stipends for undergraduates, allowing them to gain valuable training.

Neural Injury Center

Montana has the second-highest rate of returning veterans per capita and the second-highest rate of traumatic brain injury. In response to rising concern about this issue, UM launched the Neural Injury Center in the spring of 2014. The center serves as a hub for education and outreach, important cross-campus research into the causes of, and treatments for, neural injury. Our location in the Skaggs Building provides services for evaluation and resources for treatment, as well as training opportunities for our students, the next generation of healthcare providers. With support through Campaign Montana, we will grow our research capacity as well as direct patient services.

UM Health & Medicine

UM Health & Medicine supports improved health outcomes for Montanans through campus interdisciplinary academic enrichment, strategic partnerships and by educating practitioners to serve communities across the state. The UM campus houses seven clinics, over 20 laboratories and some 55 degree paths in health and medicine studies, from two-year to doctorate programs. Private support is fueling the growth of this important and valuable cross-campus initiative.

Impact Fund

The Impact Fund helps ensure student success by providing money where it’s needed most. At the College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences, unrestricted support helps propel innovative new programs, funds fellowships, and ensures we can provide opportunities and resources students and faculty need to thrive. Gifts from generous donors are essential to the college’s research and education mission.

The College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences trains tomorrow’s healthcare professionals. We are scientists, researchers and clinicians. We are dedicated to delivering healthcare in our communities by integrating education, scholarship and service. We partner with hospitals, clinics, non-profits, companies, government agencies and other schools and colleges at UM to improve the quality of life of citizens of Montana and beyond. Simply put, we make Montanans healthier.

Campaign Montana is about people: our faculty, staff and students and, most importantly, you. With your support, we will learn more and achieve more; we will expand the scope of our programs in key areas that matter most to Montana; and we will continue to improve patient care across the state.