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Because of you, our students and graduates are poised for lifelong leadership in their communities and fields of practice. You have planted the seeds for their success, and these will bear tremendous fruits for decades to come.
um president seth bodnar


Student Success

Over the course of Campaign Montana, donor generosity supported student scholarships, fellowships and emergency funds to help students overcome obstacles both inside and outside of the classroom. Gifts through Campaign Montana provided scholarships for physical therapy students pursuing clinical opportunities in rural western Montana, built an emergency fund to keep pre-medicine students on track to graduate when they meet unexpected financial hurdles, and helped provide Traumatic Brain Injury screenings for military veterans free of charge. These funds have enabled our state’s next generation of health care professionals to pursue their academic and professional goals and ultimately enhance the health of our state.

UM Health and Medicine

Donor support of UM Health and Medicine helped support improved health outcomes for Montanans through the development of new programs, strategic partnerships and interprofessional training opportunities for our students. Donor generosity has helped enhance seven clinics, more than 20 laboratories and 55 degree paths in health and medicine studies, from two-year to doctorate programs. Private support continues to fuel the growth of this important and valuable cross-campus initiative.

Patient Care

As the College of Health trains our next generation of health professionals, our faculty, staff and students also provide direct care to area patients. Donor gifts during Campaign Montana allowed us to complete brain screenings for veterans through our Neural Injury Center, provide vaccinations through our School of Pharmacy, and provide low-cost physical therapy to people with disabilities in our New Directions Wellness Center. The generosity of our donors has directly benefited these patients while providing vital training for our students.


We’ve achieved so much during Campaign Montana.
We will continue the momentum with these fundraising priorities.

Learning Environments
Expanding the reach of the Neural Injury Center across Montana will offer our state’s veterans and their families more opportunities to receive cutting-edge treatment for traumatic brain injury and PTSD. In addition, a Pediatric Speech Language and Occupational Therapy Clinic will serve children and young adults throughout Montana while providing our students with hands-on experience. Your gift helps support the College as it renovates existing campus spaces to create enhanced learning environments for our students and to build new spaces that benefit patients in need of care.
Student Success
Professional academic advising, faculty mentoring and a central place to seek guidance and support are critical in helping our students overcome obstacles to meet their success. Funding is needed to create a hub for student support that provides UM Health and Medicine students the academic and professional support they need to succeed and advance in their chosen fields.
UM Health and Medicine
UM Health and Medicine supports improved health outcomes for Montanans through campus interdisciplinary academic enrichment, strategic partnerships and by educating practitioners to serve communities across the state. The UM campus houses seven clinics, more than 20 research laboratories and some 55 degree paths in health and medicine studies, from two-year to doctorate programs. Private support is needed to continue fueling the growth of this important and valuable cross-campus initiative.
Impact Fund
Impact Funds across campus help ensure UM’s excellence by providing unrestricted support that gives our leadership the flexibility to direct resources where and when they are needed most. At the College of Health, unrestricted support helps propel innovative new programs, funds fellowships and ensures we can provide opportunities and resources students and faculty need to thrive. During Campaign Montana, resources from our Impact Fund helped support on-campus clinics, build new academic programs and provided essential support for students across disciplines. Gifts from generous donors remain essential so we can continue supporting the college’s research and education mission while providing direct care to Montanans through our on-campus clinics.

Make no small plans. Donate

The College of Health trains tomorrow’s health care professionals. We are scientists, researchers and clinicians. We are dedicated to delivering health care in our communities by integrating education, scholarship and service. We partner with hospitals, clinics, nonprofits, companies, government agencies and other schools and colleges at UM to improve the quality of life of citizens of Montana and beyond. Simply put, we make Montanans healthier. Campaign Montana is about people: our faculty, staff and students and, most importantly, you. With your support, we learned more and achieved more; we expanded the scope of our programs in key areas that matter most to Montana; and we continued to improve patient care across the state.