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Philanthropy helps us pursue new opportunities, go in new directions and explore new frontiers. Philanthropy supports our students in their quest for a quality education and our faculty as they expand the boundaries of knowledge. Our donors can see the vast possibilities that exist in H&S and realize the enormous impact that their donations will have. Our supporters, our friends and our alumni are committed to the value of a liberal arts education. We partner with them to enable the college to be the heart and soul of UM.
Dean Jenny McNulty

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$79 million raised for programs

$32,312 Generous donor

$79 million raised for programs

Faculty and Staff

Private support propels our most meaningful asset: our people. We aim to create a total of three new endowed professorships, which enable us to recruit top researchers and teachers, as well as increase funding for visiting professorships and staff positions. In addition, the college will help faculty create online components that can grow degree programs and certificates. Finally, our staff will benefit from an enhanced professional development program to support their growth.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships and fellowships both at the undergraduate and graduate level help College of Humanities and Sciences students reduce or eliminate debt and focus on their studies. They also help us recruit high-achieving students with diverse backgrounds and the potential to excel at UM. In addition, we believe transformative experiences like study abroad and research help students grow as individuals and in their careers. Privately funded stipends put these experiences within reach for more students.

opportunity Fund for Student Success

Research has shown that having a pathway of support during their college experience helps students graduate faster and with better grades. The College of Humanities and Sciences has several offerings in place to promote student success, and with robust private support, we will be able combine them into a comprehensive new program. Plans include expanding our current bridge program for incoming students, offering more first-year seminars, supporting internships and study abroad experiences, and providing comprehensive career development.

Montana American Indian Math and Science Program

Far too many Native American students face barriers to education, and these barriers start early. Only a third of Native American ninth graders are math and science proficient. As a result, only seven percent of Native college students major in a STEM field. Where there is a need, UM is developing a solution. Using an innovative model implemented in Alaska, UM is creating a program to prepare middle and high school Native American students for STEM success. Instead of remediation once they enter their college years, this program seeks out high-achieving students early on, grows their interest in STEM and helps them see a future in the field. This program is in the pilot phase, and private support is integral to its sustainability and future growth.

Eck Hall Renovation Effort

Nearly every undergraduate will take a class in Dennis and Gretchen Eck Hall (the south wing of the Liberal Arts Building) during his or her college career. Eighty percent of UM’s general education curriculum is delivered in the 32 classrooms in the Liberal Arts Building. After some 60 years of heavy use, the building was in dire need of upgrades to technology, electrical and HVAC. With help from Dennis and Gretchen Eck, we have transformed classrooms, created new common spaces and added an entrance to the building off the Oval. We seek additional support to fully complete our vision for a technologically advanced, social and comfortable environment for teaching and learning.

Montana Community Mental Health Center

The Clinical Psychology Center serves clients from around western Montana while acting as a vital training clinic for students in the clinical and school psychology programs at the College of Humanities and Sciences. With private support, we will build a much-needed addition to the existing center, increasing space for mental health service delivery, psychological testing and research, as well as services geared toward the needs of Native American communities. The expansion will support the center’s key objectives to become a state-designated mental health center, serve up to five times more clients and more fully integrate practitioners from disciplines like counseling, social work, pharmacy practice and physical therapy.

Impact Fund

Impact Funds across campus helps ensure UM’s excellence by providing unrestricted support where and when it is needed most. With your gift, the College of Humanities and Sciences can provide essential opportunities and resources students and faculty need to thrive.

The College of Humanities and Sciences is the intellectual core of the University of Montana — its “heart and soul.” We don’t just prepare students for careers — we nurture creative thinkers prepared to tackle the world’s biggest issues. With the help of our donors, the college will build students’ problem-solving skills and experience across disciplines. To do so, we will bolster key programs through modernized facilities, endowed faculty positions and expanded funding to support students.