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The philanthropic support we received through Campaign Montana has enabled us to offer an outstanding education for our students. Donor generosity has ensured our programs and cultural institutions continue to enrich lives on campus and in communities across the state.
Interim Dean John deboer


Impact Fund

The College of the Arts and Media Impact Fund lets our leadership provide critical discretionary support when it is needed most. During Campaign Montana, Impact Fund resources have allowed students to travel to the Music Teachers National Association competition, the Kennedy Center, and Access Acting Academy, a five-week intensive professional training program designed specifically for blind, low vision and visually impaired actors. Impact Funds helped music and art students and faculty travel to Vienna and Bali. Most importantly, Impact Funds have been critical in helping us prepare for students’ return to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.


eSports at the University of Montana has proudly grown over the last year from a grassroots organization to a varsity sport on campus with well over 130 students participating. The team’s primary focus centers on inclusion and diversity as well as educational opportunities for our players, resulting in a welcoming community for all. UM eSports reaches out to local and state-wide communities by holding fundraisers and volunteer events in support of charities and other worthwhile causes. Partnerships with AnyKey and the National Association of Colleges and Employers help support UM eSports and its mission at the national level.


The Permanent Collection of the Montana Museum of Art and Culture at the University of Montana represents the deepest holdings of art in the state and among the oldest in the Northwest. Private giving during Campaign Montana is helping build the MMAC into a beacon for the arts in our community. Gifts from Suzanne and Bruce Crocker support the salary and benefits of the MMAC director and will do so long into the future. A gift from the Terry and Patt Payne Family will enable MMAC to bring its collections into public view and engagement. A portion of this generous gift forms the lead investment to build a new home to manage and exhibit the collections.


We’ve achieved so much during Campaign Montana.
We will continue the momentum with these fundraising priorities.

Distinguished Visiting Professors and Guest Artists
By establishing visiting professor and guest artist positions within theatre and dance, visual and media arts, and music, the College of the Arts and Media can attract distinguished leaders who enhance our foundational curricula. Your gift helps create these positions that are vital for educating students on new and constantly evolving areas of artistic practice.
Student and Faculty Field Study and Outreach
Transformational experiences like study abroad, internships and residencies help students and faculty grow as individuals and in their careers. With your support, we can offer more opportunities like these and also send additional students and faculty to conferences and workshops, have their work adjudicated by peers, help them make connections in the field and augment their areas of expertise.
Impact Fund
Impact Funds across campus help ensure UM’s excellence by providing discretionary support where and when it is needed most. With your gift, the College of the Arts and Media can provide essential opportunities and resources that students and faculty need to thrive. The College of the Arts and Media Impact Fund allows us to send students and faculty when national and international training and performance opportunities present themselves, and importantly, it lets us provide on-demand support of students and faculty when it is needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Montana Heritage Pavilion
The Montana Museum of Art and Culture at the University of Montana is home to one of the oldest and most prominent fine art collections in the Northern Rockies. From the historical treasures of Europe to the dramatic arts of the American West, the Permanent Collection of the MMAC represents more than 2,000 years of human creativity.

Private giving during Campaign Montana is enabling MMAC to build a new home to manage and exhibit its collections, but we need your support. With your gift, we will create a facility with gallery spaces, state-of-the-art storage and preservation space, and public event areas, allowing for research, education and programming. Finally, Montanans — including the next generations of UM students — will have access to thousands of compelling works of art and artifacts that have been locked away in storage for more than sixty years.

Make no small plans. Donate

Nowhere does student achievement shine as bright as in the University of Montana’s College of the Arts and Media. During Campaign Montana, alumni and friends provided invaluable resources to ensure UMArts continues to offer a premier artistic and technical education for undergraduate and graduate students in music, theatre, dance, art, film and new media. With the support we received for faculty and students, we will continue to cultivate a campus of creative thinkers, innovators and passionate professionals.