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Thank you for supporting the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library. Every gift is critical to achieving our vision of maintaining the library as a hub for scholarship and creative activity at the University of Montana.
Interim Dean Barry Brown



Donations through Campaign Montana allowed Mansfield Library to reach current and new audiences through lectures, exhibits and more. Mansfield Library outreach engages both the campus and local community with the library’s vast array of information resources.

Campaign Montana gifts allowed us to purchase and maintain display cases used to host a variety of monthly lectures and presentations. Lectures presented highlighted a range of topics, including data during the 2019 Endangered Data Week. Library outreach at the 51st Annual Kyoto Pow Wow highlighted photos, books and resources from the library’s collection about Indigenous Peoples. Donor support also enabled us to provide resources like Native Teaching Aids for Indigenous languages, cultures and histories to promote culture and linguistic immersion.

Scholarships and Internships

Through Campaign Montana, our generous giving community funded several scholarships and internships for student employees at the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library. Awards like the Joseph and Ruth Fitzgerald Annual Scholarship, Information and Reference Services Internship, Archives and Special Collections micro-internships, and cataloging internships with Bibliographic Management acknowledged students’ dedication to career development and scholarship. During 2019, the Mansfield Library awarded the Joseph H. and Ruth M. FitzGerald Library Scholarship, an award of $1,000, to two outstanding student employees. Donor support allowed students to acquire relevant work experience and pursue their academic goals.  

Student-Centered Innovative Projects

Campaign Montana gifts supported student-centered innovative projects that empower UM students to initiate, create and integrate changes in the Mansfield Library. Proposals for these projects focus on innovative ways of thinking and designing library services, programs, technologies and learning spaces with an emphasis on student success. In 2019 and 2020, student-centered projects established: the Accessible Media Processing Center, which ensures UM students with hearing disabilities have access to audiovisual instructional media with captions that comply with Described and Captioned Media Program standards; the Accessibility Center Evaluation and Revitalization to gather data that informed improvements to our Accessible Technology Room; the Train-the-Trainer model, which jump-started Data Science Workshops; and the Public Domain Student Art and Film Festival, which educates students about the importance of the public domain in the continued creation of artistic and scholarly works.

Learning Commons

Campaign Montana gifts funded renovations of the Mansfield Library Commons, transforming it into a centerpiece of academic life for students. Donors supported updates including: multi-media work stations for creating presentations and working with multiple technology options; collaborative and independent work areas for tutoring, group study and small group instruction; a digital learning lab where students can access computers and University learning tools; and theater-style seating for reading, dissertations, concerts and more. Donor gifts also helped fund the display wall on the main level of the library, which facilitates the intellectual and creative pursuits of the UM community and supports students’ informational, educational, environmental and cultural development as global citizens. These renovations enhance student success and facilitate worldwide communication, collaboration and research. 


We’ve achieved so much during Campaign Montana.
We will continue the momentum with these fundraising priorities.

Online Access to Collections
Donor support is essential to developing strong collections that align with the University’s academic programs. With your help, we ensure students, faculty and community members have access to core books, journals, data and other content in print and electronic formats. Your gift helps us purchase new materials and maintain bibliographic collections data, providing students and faculty with resources they need to be successful at UM. Access to sufficient, accurate and current data about the resources we offer has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, which limits students’ in-person access to materials. Your gift ensures students and faculty have online access to discover, request and use collections, even when they are not on campus. 
Scholarships and Internships
The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library awards donor-funded scholarships and internships to student employees on both the Mountain and Missoula College campuses. Awards like the Joseph and Ruth FitzGerald Annual Scholarship, Information and Reference Services Internship, Archives and Special Collections micro-internships, and cataloging internships with Bibliographic Management Service acknowledge students’ dedication to career development and scholarship. Your support allows students interested in librarianship careers to earn income while they pursue their academic goals and acquire relevant work experience.  
Student Employment
The Mansfield Library is the second largest employer of students at UM. For many students, this is their first job. Philanthropic giving supports employee supervisors, who are instrumental in creating a workplace that supports students. Training sessions on customer service, implicit bias and work-life balance teach students invaluable skills. Experiences like working at the Reading Room reference desk, creating exhibits, monitoring our rare books collection and arranging and describing archival collections expand student employees’ abilities to conduct research, provide excellent customer service and apply critical thinking skills. Your gift promotes retention and prepares students for careers after graduation. 
Private support is critical to helping the Mansfield Library adapt and respond to new needs in a rapidly changing information landscape. Thanks to the generosity of donors we updated the Accessible Technology Room to provide a more flexible and comfortable study space. With donor support, we installed an electronic card reader in the room’s door and added a lounge chair, an adjustable computer cart, open desk space, a Topaz Magnifier, and replaced fluorescent lights with full spectrum lights, successfully created an Accessible Technology Room that is comfortable and easier for students, faculty and staff to use. With continued support, the Mansfield Library will maintain traditional services while actively expanding technology by offering WiFi, eBooks, computers and digital media. Your generosity supports updates to the library’s technology, helps us maintain our recording and video productions studios, and makes technology more accessible for students, faculty and the community. 

Make no small plans. Donate

Since 1895, the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library has been the hub for student engagement and enrichment at UM. Thanks to the generosity of donors, 125 years later, the library continues to support students’ informational, educational and cultural development as global citizens. As the heart of the University’s intellectual pursuits, the library provides invaluable services, instruction, collections and programming; serves as a catalyst for the creation of knowledge; and enriches and transforms lives. During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, online library resources have become essential to allow faculty, staff and students to work and learn remotely. We thank you for helping us adapt as we continue to promote student success and serve our community.