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We are deeply thankful to our giving community for partnering with us to bring our vision to life. Your support furthers our work of improving educational realities, transforming lives, and changing the way our nation’s young people learn and grow. Thank you.
Dean Adrea Lawrence


Named Chairs

Philanthropic giving through Campaign Montana will help expand the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education’s impact as an international leader in educational theory, research and practice. Private support established the William C. Shreeve Chair in Educational Leadership and the Maryfrances Shreeve Chair in Teaching Excellence to enhance research with a commitment to translating theories into practice for future schoolteachers and leaders.

Endowed Professorship

During Campaign Montana, donors established the College’s first endowed professorship. The Suzanne and Dave Peterson Endowed Professor in Gifted Education offers the professor resources to support research on creativity and students’ talent development across their unique areas of interest and strength. The gift also supports outreach efforts with students and teachers across the state of Montana, providing academic enrichment and creative opportunities. With a specialist in this discipline, UM became the first university in the Northern Rockies to offer a comprehensive education in the field of personalized learning.

Building Addition

Private support funded two major building additions in the College during Campaign Montana, increasing learning space and program capacity. The Learning and Belonging Preschool expanded its offerings for quality early childhood education to local families and student-teacher candidates; the Department of Counseling added several classrooms, counseling and observation rooms; the Montana Digital Academy expanded its footprint to provide enhanced remote learning opportunities to students across Montana; and in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines, the new ALi Auditorium hosts classes, statewide meetings and national conferences.

Scholarship Support

Donor gifts of all sizes have contributed to $4.3 million in scholarship support for students of the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education during Campaign Montana. Scholarships help students afford domestic and international student teaching assignments, underwrite the cost of tuition and books, provide opportunities to complete internships, and enable students to focus on research at the undergraduate and graduate level.


We’ve achieved so much during Campaign Montana.
We will continue the momentum with these fundraising priorities.

Phyllis J. Washington College of Education Addition 
The new wing of the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education building, which opened in 2019, significantly expands several of our programs. The addition of two preschool classrooms and adjoining observation rooms allows for greater preschool enrollment, and UM student-teacher candidates receive the transformative experience of observing and participating in evidence-based practices in early childhood education.
Among other exciting initiatives, this building addition established the ALi Auditorium, which hosts large classes, statewide meetings and national conferences in alignment with COVID-19 guidelines. It also provided a full suite of classrooms and therapy rooms for the Department of Counseling and offices for the Montana Digital Academy. Naming opportunities throughout the addition are available. With your gift, we will support the new spaces with cutting-edge technology to enhance learning and communication.
Early Childhood Education
Our state-of-the-art facility houses the Learning and Belonging Preschool, which is one of the top early childhood programs to achieve accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Gifts of all sizes help us provide an enriched preschool environment that prepares teachers, serves young children and families and engages in early childhood research. Endowing the Early Childhood Education Program Director’s position will help us maintain our level of excellence in preparing future early childhood educators and teaching young children.
Impact Fund
Impact Funds across campus help ensure UM’s excellence by providing unrestricted support where and when it is most needed. Your gift will help us provide the essential opportunities and resources that students and faculty need to thrive. Impact Funds are often the key to converting a strategic idea into meaningful action in the challenging and ever-changing landscape of higher education.
Faculty Research
Active research and effective instruction go hand-in-hand at top-ranked universities. For professors at the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education to deliver the most current knowledge to students, we must invest in faculty research opportunities. Support for research-associated activities including training, software and equipment, publication fees, and travel will aid faculty in conducting state-of-the-art research that will directly impact student learning and the unique and extraordinary expertise these students will bring into society.

Make no small plans. Donate

With your support, the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education is becoming a national leader in the education of students across their lifespan. Throughout Campaign Montana, we enriched our programs in early childhood education and counselor education. With your generosity, we filled critical gaps in innovative ways that helped to best meet the needs of Montanans while adding to the broader body of work in the field.