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Our students will guide our national forests and parks through a future challenged by climate, fire, insects, water availability and the ever-increasing demands society places on these invaluable resources.
Dean Tom DeLuca

Make no small plans. Donate

Wildlife Biology

During Campaign Montana, we will raise funds to support our research and teaching, and ensure we continue to shape science and policy via this keystone program. With support from donors like you, we will:
– Grow the number of graduate and postdoctoral fellowships.
– Create an endowed chair in waterfowl and wetlands ecology.
– Grow a research endowment for the John J. Craighead Chair.
– Upgrade our laboratory facilities for computing, fish and wildlife conservation genetics, and wildlife physiology.
– Supplement our unrestricted support fund, which gives the program the flexibility to meet needs as they arise.

Bandy Ranch

In 1990, a generous donor willed the University of Montana a 3,500-acre cattle ranch northwest of Ovando, Montana. The surroundings represent the interface between human managed landscapes and unmanaged wild lands. With support from donors, we will integrate Bandy Ranch into our teaching and research efforts. We will create a progressive, sustainable ranching learning center that dovetails with UM’s commitment to campus-wide sustainability efforts. Highly interdisciplinary, the ranch will help enlighten students on sustainable ranch management and grass-fed operations. Donor investment will help us purchase our initial herd of cattle, hire a program coordinator and provide internship stipends for students to work and learn on the property.

Lubrecht Experimental Forest

Since 1937, the 28,000-acre Lubrecht Experimental Forest has been a place for research in forestry, resource management and ecosystem science. With private support, the college will renew our commitment to this place with more collaborative and hands-on research opportunities. We seek to reestablish the two-week summer field measurements camp that was once a hallmark of a UM forestry education. Going forward, every FCFC student will once again learn and work in Lubrecht Forest.

Native American Natural Resource Program

This important program, housed within the college, provides Native students with the services and resources they need for a successful academic experience here at UM. With the support of a dedicated coordinator, students receive tutoring, mentoring, academic and financial advising, internship and job placement assistance, and help with scholarship searches. Perhaps most importantly, they find a home away from home within the college. Donor generosity during Campaign Montana will build the coordinator position from half time to full time, meaning more services for Native students.

Impact Fund

Impact Funds across campus helps ensure UM’s excellence by providing unrestricted support where and when it is needed most. With your gift, we can provide essential opportunities and resources students and faculty need to thrive.

Our environment and society are changing – dramatically. The world needs conservation leaders with the passion, creativity and critical-thinking skills to help build a sustainable future. With your support, the faculty and students at the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation will do exactly that. We will add crucial faculty positions, enhance our top-rated programs of national distinction and develop innovative, field-based learning opportunities. We will ensure students and faculty have access to the tools and resources they need necessary to usher in a new generation of conservation scientists, policymakers and advocates.

Our Wildlife Biology Program could not make the impact that it does without a powerful combination of public and private support. Visionary donors enable the University to attract North America’s top wildlife faculty and students, continuing the program’s legacy of excellence and significant contributions to our world.