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Our students will guide our national forests and parks through a future challenged by climate, fire, insects, water availability and the ever-increasing demands society places on these invaluable resources.
Dean Tom DeLuca

reach for greatness

We’ve reached our initial goal, but have some unmet priorities. You can help.

Native American Natural Resource Program
Bandy Ranch Integration into Teaching and Research Efforts
Renewed Commitment to Lubrecht Experimental Forest

Wildlife Biology

During Campaign Montana, we will raise funds to support this keystone program:
The Wildlife Impact Fund provides the flexibility we need to remain nimble to best serve our students and help faculty remain at the forefront of wildlife research and conservation.
Undergraduate scholarships are integral to our program’s ability to recruit the best students in North America and beyond.
Our program needs resources to continue to train the best of the next generation of wildlife biologists. We prepare our students for leadership in government agencies, academia and private conservation organizations by applying the highest standards in science, communication and collaboration.

Bandy Ranch

Support for unique, interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunities at the University-owned 3,600-acre cattle ranch helps educate students about sustainable ranch management and grass-fed, grass-finished operations in a wildland setting. Philanthropic support helped purchase UM’s first cattle herd in 2019. Your gift helps us invest in the next herd of cattle, upgrade facilities, hire a program coordinator and provide internship stipends to facilitate student working and learning on the property.

Lubrecht Experimental Forest

Support for unique, collaborative research opportunities allows every Franke College of Forestry and Conservation student to learn and work in Lubrecht Forest. Your gift helps reestablish a two-week summer field measurement camp, upgrade learning facilities and provide state-of-the-art equipment for inventory and assessment.

Native American Natural Resource Program

Support for this important program helps provide Native students with the services and resources they need for a successful academic experience in the College and at UM. Your gift helps fund a full-time, dedicated coordinator to provide academic and career advising, internship and job placement assistance and to help students feel at home away from home.

Impact Fund

Impact Funds across campus helps ensure UM’s excellence by providing unrestricted support where and when it is needed most. With your gift, we can provide essential opportunities and resources students and faculty need to thrive.

Our environment and society are changing – dramatically. The world needs conservation leaders with the passion, creativity and critical-thinking skills to help build a sustainable future. With your support, the faculty and students at the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation will do exactly that. We will add crucial faculty positions, enhance our top-rated programs of national distinction and develop innovative, field-based learning opportunities. We will ensure students and faculty have access to the tools and resources they need necessary to usher in a new generation of conservation scientists, policymakers and advocates.

Our Wildlife Biology Program could not make the impact that it does without a powerful combination of public and private support. Visionary donors enable the University to attract North America’s top wildlife faculty and students, continuing the program’s legacy of excellence and significant contributions to our world.